Friday, May 21, 2010

Cody's Preschool Graduation

Cody graduated from Preschool last night. He is so excited about starting Kindergarten at Caleb's school in the fall. Here he is with Miss Lauren. His favorite teacher that he adores. She spoils him rotten and loves on him constantly. Miss Lauren first had Cody as a toddler, then she moved to the 4 year old class when Cody started that class. She has had him till now in daycare and preschool. She understands his energetic, spirited nature and his need for lots of attention. We will truely miss her next year : (
Cody sees Daddy walking into his graduation.

video My precious boy!

video Caleb and his buddy, Mase (Quinn's little brother).

Miss Michelle receiving a gift from Cody. Miss Michelle is an excellent preschool teacher who we have had the honor of having for 5 years. She had Caleb for 2 years and Cody for 3 years. She really has a gift with the kids. Miss Michelle and Mrs. Allyson have planned activities, field trips, learning lessons, memorization, games, and both LOVE books. They prep the kids very well for Kindergarten. Making sure they know their letters, numbers, colors, shapes, how to write their name, know their phone number and address, begin to read, add, and count coins.
We will miss preschool, but are so ready for Kindergarten. Especially looking forward to both boys being at the same school.


The Hadfields said...

Awwww! We love Ms. Lauren and Ms. Michelle too!! Cody is such a doll. I know he will feel like such a big boy next year.

Mom said...

That was awesome! I think Cody has some Chatelain genes in him...he was the main one jammin!
Wish I could have been there.
I know he will miss his friends and teachers.

jimmythegeek said...

Congrats to Cody! I'll echo the sentiment of having the kids in the same school being nice. Unfortunately, I will have each of the girls in a different school this Fall, so it will be a little bit more of a shuffle.

I believe Cody's looking more like Ben every time I see him!

Kev said...

Those pics of Cody are so cute!