Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rachel and Matt's Wedding

My Texas cousin, Rachel, got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding last weekend. She was absolutely gorgeous and the wedding was amazing. The weather was perfect and the wedding was held at a wonderous place decorated with pottery, fountains, flowers, and gardens everywhere.Wow! Look at this great looking family.
My boys were so handsome and behaved so well the whole trip.
Rachel and Matt saying their vows.
Mr. and Mrs. Zamzow
Girl cousins: Kimber, Amber, and myself (aren't we stunning!)
Aunt Kathy, Kimber, Mom, Aunt Debbie, and Bill all in deep discussion.
Uncle Rich and his newly married daughter. Jason in the background.
Aunt Marie, mother of the bride, looked great.
Cousin Lauren, bridesmaid, looked like she stepped out of a 1920's movie. Loved the hair, so sheek. Uncle Pepper is beside her.

Debbie, Sandy, Amber, Kimber, Pepper, and Kathy: The Chatelain's have arrived-time to party!Kimber, Uncle Pepper, and Aunt Kathy: What a good-looking family =)
Amber and Aunt Sandy looking very elegant in coordinating colors.
Uncle Darrell and Aunt Debbie-didn't know those Arkansas folk could clean up so well!
The Eddins/Zamzow family: Byron, Rich, Matt, Rachel, Marie, Lauren, and Jason
We had a great time in Texas visiting all of our family! The boys enjoyed meeting cousins, aunts, and uncles. They are still talking about Jason and Byron-you guys made big impressions on them. The wedding was fabulous! Reception was a blast. Good to see that the Chatelain family still knows how to have a good time and aren't afraid to get out there and show it. Love you all!!!


Kev said...

Wow! That pic of Rachel with the glowing eyes is a bit spooky! Okay, the Peterson family pic is so good that you all need to make that your Christmas card and frame that as well for all your family. I so hate I missed out on the trip now. Ah well, can't wait for our FL trip!!! I miss those boys so much!

Mom said...

Great pics Miranda. Send me yours so I can make copies. They turned out better than some of mine.
It was a great wedding and so fun to get together with the family.

The Petitts said...

Wow! You Western KY folks hose down pretty good!! You look awesome--great family pic! Hey, where did you get that great looking dress??

Ronsonol said...

Glad you guys all made it!! I had a blast with the boys! Feel free to drop them off any time if you ever just happen to be driving through Southern California :)