Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is Here!

Caleb had an Awards Ceremony on the last day of school. He received an award for Accelerated Math. He was told that he received more Accelerated Math objective points than any 2nd grader has ever achieved at his school. He is also now reading at Accelerated Reader level 6.6 (6th grader, in the 6th month).

We are so proud of him :)

Grandmom came to visit this weekend. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and then came home to relax in our swimming pool. It was a hot weekend. Grandmom and Cody helped me wash our new windows.
The boys love our pool. Caleb swims like a little fish.
It is over Cody's head, so he wears his lifejacket. But he still swims and jumps in with no fear. They know the rules though, no one allowed in the pool or on the pool deck unless an adult is watching.
Mom also helped me plant some more flowers and a deck planter to attract hummingbirds to our feeders. They look beautiful and really dress up the deck. Thanks Mom!

End of school=swimming pools, summer camps, flowers blooming, playing outside, lightening bugs, going to the lake, vacation, and shirtless tan little boys. It has already begun. The boys will be starting a Summer Camp this week instead of being at daycare all summer. They will have activities, swimming, and field trips with this program all summer long. They also have a part-time option, since I will only be working 3 days a week this summer. Then on my days off, we can be home to swim in our pool or hang out with friends. Looking forward to good times!


jimmythegeek said...

WOW! Great job, Caleb!! Maybe one day the name of Peterson will be be uttered alongside those of Einstein & Hawking.

Can't wait to come visit!

The Hadfields said...

Way to go Caleb!! No surprise, though! :) I'm so glad you have a fun summer planned. Stinks that work has to be a part of it!! ha!

Kev said...

So impressed with the little overachiever, Caleb! That's amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could swing over every weekend and swim this summer! I'll have to try to make it over as much as possible this summer before fall sneaks up. Can't wait for our vacation!!!! miss you guys much!

Mom said...

Enjoyed our visit this past weekend. Love summertime. Camp sounds fun for the boys. Wish we lived closer so we could hang out together more. Love you!