Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lion Country Safari and NASA

While in Florida we went to Lion Country Safari. It is a really cool drive-thru safari with an amusement park to walk through as well. We drove through the park, then got out to see the other animals. Here is the first critter we came across...
The boys were so excited to get to ride on the camel.

We got to see the zookeeper feed the giraffe. We were up close enough to touch her. She kept twirling her tree branch around with her long purple tongue, until she got to the tender leaves.

The boys got to feed lorys nectar. They thought the lorys little feet tickled on their arms.

We got to ride one of my favorite rides- the merry-go-round. They also had a splash park, so we brought swim suits for the boys and hit the water when it got hot.

The next day we went to Kennedy Space Center.
The boys were so excited to see the other NASA (remember we went to Johnson Space Center in April).

Here is Caleb, Kevin, and Cody in front of the huge Saturn rocket.
The rockets in the rocket garden reached up to the heavens.
I decided to take a ride on the moon with the boys.
The most memorable part of our NASA experience was Caleb traumatic flip-flop saga. When we were on our bus tour of NASA, we visited a building where scientists were working on the Space Lab. The incident occurred walking across a catwalk between two buildings in a restricted area. Caleb hung his arm between the bars of the catwalk, flip-flop in his outstretched arm and playfully exclaimed, "Bye, bye, flip-flop!" Now this is Caleb, mind you, not the mischievious one. He was just trying to make a joke, but the joke was on him when he brought his arm back through the rail and knocked the flip-flop out of his hand. Poor lonely flip-flop tumbled down into the restricted area at NASA. Caleb was mortified and began bawling. He then had to walk back to the bus stop barefoot with the other lone flip-flop in his hand, until we made him part with it in the nearest trash bin. Many tourists looked at the Kentuckians walking around NASA with the barefooted boy, until we found the nearest gift shop. Caleb then happily wore women's size 6 flip-flops that really flopped on his too small feet. He still to this day will not let me have those oversized NASA flip-flops and I won't let him live down "Bye, bye, flip-flop!" So on the last space shuttle mission, if you see a lone flip-flop floating by in space just like the famous astronaut's glove, you will know it is "Bye, bye".

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The Petitts said...

That animal in the tree is pretty scary! Glad you had a great time.