Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Brother Graduates!

Well, my little brother finally graduated from highschool! Ben, myself, Kevin, and the boys all made the long haul to Florida to celebrate with him.
Lori had a wonderful graduation party for family and friends the afternoon before graduation. Here are Dad and Uncle Freddie chatting it up.
Kevin and Aunt Pam stuffed to the gills on all the wonderful food.

Then we all headed out to the where the graduation was held. It was a hot, humid night (no air-conditioning in the open air arena). But we cheered our loudest for our favorite graduate.

Cody really bonded with Uncle Freddie and his antics during the ceremony.
Here comes our Troy-boy!
In the center with glasses.

Headed up the stairwell to receive his diploma. Congratulations Troy! We wish you the best in your new endeavors :)
**For my blog readers, I just posted 3 blog posts on our Florida vacation so don't miss out on the other 2 previous posts ;)

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