Monday, July 19, 2010

Game Night with the Fam

We had game night every night that the Howard family was here. We played cards, Apples to Apples, Cranium, and of course one of our favorites...
...Mexican dominos.

Lori and Kevin mixing it up.
Cody is sporting the winner's hat.
What's the matter Troy?

Papaw even won a round.
We had some awesome Band Hero concerts with band members of "Grumpy Zombie".
Caleb is the lead of the band. Below Dad is on electric guitar, Troy on drums, and Kevin singing.

Caleb is learning to play pool. He is catching on quite well.
Cody is doing what he does best.

We also had some air hockey matches.

Check out this video clip of the action in the basement.


Annual Howard Family Visit

We spent time swimming in our pool over the weekend. Troy became master pool flipper for the boys. They had great fun being tossed into the air as they tried to dive or somersault.It was nice in the evenings to take a dip after the hot afternoons we have been having.
Kevin and Dad had fun with our water sprayers that squirt all the way across the pool at unsuspecting swimmers.
Jasmine found some new laps to love. She spent Troy-time whenever he was on the laptop and sat in my Dad's lap as he watched movies.Cody's new favorite pasttime is drawing and coloring. He packs his coloring books, paper, and colored pencils around everywhere we go. He sits in front of the television every morning coloring and drawing. Uncle Kevin and Troy colored with Cody many times while they were here. He loves getting helpful hints from his artistic uncles.

We went to Metropolis, Illinois on Saturday. Cody hoping Superman will take him "UP, UP, AND AWAY". We then went to Fort Massac State Park. We brought a picnic to eat at the park. We wanted to hike around, but it was too dog-gone hot.
Crazy Kev is peeping out for invaders.

Dad and Lori enjoyed the riverfront.

Handsome boys and men :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Festivities

Paul and Christy invited us over for their annual 4th of July party. They invited several friends and we had many children running around their yard. The adults sat back and chilled out for awhile.
Chef Ben was the smoker of the chicken, burgers, and dogs. Yum good!

The kids took turns riding on the go-cart, playing ball, and climbing on the playset.

Cheeseballs and beer are great on 4th of July ; )
Christy, Carol, and Ed
Me trying to stay cool in the heat.
Sparklers, snap-pops, and smoke bombs were the favorite of the kids.

Ben and Paul having fun lighting the fireworks for the kids.

After the kid fireworks, the men went and got the big show ready. When it got dark they set off a fabulous display of fountains and beautiful fireworks in the dark starry sky. The kids stayed in the fort of the playset with a play by play of "Oohs", "ahhs" and "awesomes" coming from their seating area. This was the first year that Cody stayed outside watching the fireworks the whole time. He usually runs for the house as soon as the big boomers start. He was proud of himself and was glad that he got to see the great show.It was a wonderful night of fun and festivities with our friends. We were all worn out when we got home. !