Monday, August 30, 2010

Spur of the Moment Nashvegas Trip

Ben had a conference in Nashville this weekend. The boys and I were going to stay home because his conference very long. Ben called to let us know he arrived safely and was staying in a wonderful hotel downtown with 2 queen beds. I decided to be spontaneous and picked up the boys after school, packed our bags, then headed to Nashvegas for a fun-filled weekend. After a busy week at school, I felt like we needed a relaxing break. The boys were all about hanging at the hotel pool. The highlight of any trip to the boys is swimming in the hotel pool, it is absolutely mandatory. They don't care that we now have a pool of our own. They get to swim in the HOTEL pool!!! We didn't see Daddy much because he was off at the conference all night Friday and all day Saturday. The boys couldn't get over the "fancy" hotel and loved that we were on the 23rd floor with windows overlooking downtown Nashville. It was a beautiful view. Friday night we ate at the hotel, then went swimming. They had a hot tub that I thought was relaxing. The boys thought it was great to get in the hot tub for a couple of minutes, then jump in the pool (because then it felt really chilly). They have great fun challenging each other to different types of jumps and dives. "Watch this..."(belly flop), "Well can you do this?"...(TaeKwonDo kick with huge splash).Saturday I took the boys to the Adventure Science Center. What a neat place for kids. Caleb went last year on a school field trip. It was well worth it, very cool place to explore.

One of Caleb's favorites, the space exhibits.

Cody doing what he does best, monkeying around. Well actually he is lifting a car by hanging on a rope attached to a large pulley. He did it and was so impressed by his strength :)

Cody checking out the Batman building and our hotel with the binoculars from the top of the Science Center.
Look out Caleb, there is a Triceratops right behind you!

Caleb the archeologist.

Dr. Cody R. Peterson
I don't think this person has any brains Mama.

After the Science Center, we walked around downtown Nashville for a couple of hours. Then went back to the hotel for another swim till Daddy was done. We all had dinner at Demos together, yum! That restaurant is a favorite of ours. Saturday night we could see fireworks from our hotel window. What a great weekend with my kiddos. Now it is back to work and school.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

School's Back in Session

Well the boys have started back to school. Caleb began third grade last Thursday and was very excited to see all his friends. Cody began Kindergarten the day after Caleb. He is in the same school as Caleb now. He had a bit of hesitancy the night before Kindergarten started. While tucking him into bed, he began to cry and say he didn't want to go to Kindergarten. He asked if he would ever get to go back to Daycare and see his friends there. I think he was just getting nervous about not knowing what to expect. He has been at Daycare since he was 3 months old. His Preschool was at the same Daycare and he has grown up with the same friends and teachers. He has been looking forward to starting Kindergarten for a long time, so I was surprised at his meltdown. We had a long talk about all of the cool things in Kindergarten...special art classes, P.E., the new playground equipment. We named off the friends he already knew at the school. Caleb told him all of the cool stuff about his school and Cody got excited again.
He woke up ready to go and was so excited to put on his new backpack.

I walked him and Caleb into the gym, where all the kids wait until the bell rings and their teachers come greet them. I couldn't go back to his class with him because they thought it might be too difficult for some children to let their parents leave. Cody did fine, I found a little boy that we had met at Back to School Night. He sat at the same table as Cody. They both looked a little nervous and overwhelmed, so I introduced them and pointed out that they were in the same class and sat beside each other. They sat down next to each other and Cody gave me a hug. I can't believe my baby is now in Kindergarten!! Time sure flies.

My big school boys:)