Sunday, September 26, 2010

BBQ on the River

We went to BBQ on the River Friday night. Cody wanted to get his face painted, so he got a snake. Caleb doesn't like the paint on his face because it itches, so he got a cool lizard on his arm instead. Ben and I both had BBQ nachos. Yummy! Cody ate a hot dog and Caleb had nachos and they shared fresh squeezed lemonade. Their favorite part is seeing the huge tank of fish from the river and playing on the riverfront.
It turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Fall weather is finally here. The boys went to Hwangs Martial Arts with friends last night for Bring a Friend Night. They ate pizza, played black light dodge ball and many other games from 6p-9p. Ben and I got to have date night while the boys were there :) We went to Tokyo Sushi and had fabulous sushi and chicken teriyaki. Quinn came over to spend the night with Caleb after Hwangs and Cody went to the Atnips to spend the night. Caleb and Quinn stayed up till 4am! They were dragging this morning, but we got them up and filled their tummies with French Toast before church. Caleb fell asleep before lunch and took a nice nap.
Today was beautiful in the 70's. I planted a blue spruce and some bushes in the yard. Ben did some work around the house. I just hope this great weather sticks around and it does not turn freezing cold too soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Caleb's Sept 2010 TKD Belt Test

Here is a video clip of Caleb's belt test. See blog below for details.

Soccer and TKD

Here is a cool picture that Mom took of us when Kevin came up for Cody's birthday. We went to Grand Rivers and saw replicas of the Nina & Pinta (Columbus' ships). This weekend we were busy with sports with the boys. Both boys are playing soccer again. They are enjoying it so much. Caleb has an awesome young coach who was the captain of Marshall County's soccer team last year. We have learned more from the first couple of practices with him then we have the whole time Caleb has played soccer (since he was 3). Cody has sprouted into quite the assertive little soccer player despite taking a year off. He stays with the ball and scores several goals at every game.

Daddy is assistant coach on Caleb's team and is having a great time.

Saturday Caleb also had a belt test for Tae Kwon Do.
Here is a fun picture of Caleb and Cameron whipping on a black belt. Instructor Jason said, "Remember outside of the Dojang it is not okay to tag team against someone. But let's have some fun and spar as a team against a black belt."

Caleb graduated to green with brown stripe belt. At the next belt test he will graduate to the older kids class where he can progress to black belt. Hwang's Martial Arts

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cody turned 6!

We have had a busy, but enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Kevin came up to spend the long weekend with us. Cody turned 6 years old on Friday! It is hard to believe that he is already 6. I know, I know, before we know it he will be in highschool. I just want to enjoy the moments we have right now though. They are so precious! Here is a crazy picture of the boys with their weird eyeballs and mustaches that they got at Gattiland Pizza.
Daddy made Cody a special breakfast for his birthday (Buttons and Bowknots-homemade doughnuts). Cody was right there to help, of course. He still loves to help us cook.

On Saturday, we had a birthday party for Cody. We invited the parents for a Labor Day cookout during the party. The kiddos were quite wild. Kevin described it as the opening scene of Home Alone. After they ran in and out of the house for an hour, they all ended up down in the basement. Can I say we LOVE our basement and are so glad it has a door =)

Cody licking the icing off Sponge Bob and Mase patiently waiting for his piece of cake. He devoured his piece faster than any of the other kids.
Here I am practicing making balloon animals. I managed to make a balloon dog. The others ended up popping and scaring Caleb. Cody thought it was great fun though and kept getting the long skinny balloons out all night to blow up and let them fly around the room.

Cody airing up one of the balloons.

I love this picture of Cody and Kiersa having a great time.

Crazy bunch of monkeys.

Cody and our neighbor, Peyton. Cody plays at their house so much that Ray calls him one of the family.

Christy surprised Cody by decorating the window in the door with Window Markers.

Sareena, Cody, Kiersa, and Peyton. These markers are so cool and when they are done, just give them some windex or a water bottle and let them clean the windows.

What an exhausting weekend! The boys both passed out on Uncle Kevin Sunday evening. Caleb fell asleep at 5:30pm and never woke up. He slept until 8am this morning.