Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer and TKD

Here is a cool picture that Mom took of us when Kevin came up for Cody's birthday. We went to Grand Rivers and saw replicas of the Nina & Pinta (Columbus' ships). This weekend we were busy with sports with the boys. Both boys are playing soccer again. They are enjoying it so much. Caleb has an awesome young coach who was the captain of Marshall County's soccer team last year. We have learned more from the first couple of practices with him then we have the whole time Caleb has played soccer (since he was 3). Cody has sprouted into quite the assertive little soccer player despite taking a year off. He stays with the ball and scores several goals at every game.

Daddy is assistant coach on Caleb's team and is having a great time.

Saturday Caleb also had a belt test for Tae Kwon Do.
Here is a fun picture of Caleb and Cameron whipping on a black belt. Instructor Jason said, "Remember outside of the Dojang it is not okay to tag team against someone. But let's have some fun and spar as a team against a black belt."

Caleb graduated to green with brown stripe belt. At the next belt test he will graduate to the older kids class where he can progress to black belt. Hwang's Martial Arts


jimmythegeek said...

Daddy looks like a coach! The only things missing are a whistle & clipboard. Glad to see the kids having fun!

Mom said...

Enjoyed the video. Those boys are growing up so fast. Way to go! Grandmama is proud of you!