Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cave

Weekend before last, we went to Bowling Green to pick up the boys from Memaw and Pepaw. They had a super week with their grandparents during Fall Break. Before we loaded up to go home, the boys decided they wanted to go to Mammoth Cave. Uncle Kevin had told them about Mammoth Cave (his old stomping ground) and they remembered that he said next time you are in BG maybe we will have a chance to go for a tour. Ben and I hadn't been for several years. Caleb went with me when he was a toddler, but of course didn't remember. We had to bring our very own personal Mammoth Cave tour guide, so we loaded up the boys and Uncle KK and away we went up Hwy 65. We decided to go on the "New Entrance" cave tour this time. It has more formations and goes to the Frozen Niagara. We thought the boys would like it. This cave picture looks a bit spooky.
Kevin was quite nostalgic about being back in the cave. He worked there so long as a tour guide and could still tell us lots of cool cave facts.

The boys thought the cave was awesome. Cody wished he were a bat, so he could live in the cave. Caleb enjoyed discovering stalagmites, stalactites, columns, popcorn, soda straws, bacon, drapery, etc. cave formations. Caleb already knew stalagmites (might reach the ceiling) and stalactites (stick tight to the ceiling) from a cave book he had read.

Hopefully we can go back again and try a different tour. Every tour has a different part of the cave and you see totally different formations and cave system.
Before we left town, we went to visit Papaw Burrell. The boys had a good time talking to him about the mischievous things he did as a boy. He told us how all the kids in the neighborhood would meet at his house every morning, then they would all go play up in the mountains (Eastern Kentucky). He said it was surprising that none of them ever saw a bear or wild cat. Before the kids went home in the evening, they would help Burrell with his chores. Which would be to tend the garden and pick from the fruit trees. As thanks, they would send home fruit and vegetables. These kids were very poor, so I am sure that was like a gold mine to come home with fresh healthy food for the family. Papaw has a treasure trove of stories like that and I always love when he is in the mood to tell some.
The boys also got a kick out of Papaw Burrell taking out his dentures to show him what they looked like and what his mouth looked like without teeth. He has always loved children and is so sweet to them.


Kev said...

It was great to bring the boys to the cave! I miss that place. We'll have to go back next time they are here and take the Historic tour.

Mom said...

Looks like you all had a great visit. Love Mammoth Cave.