Sunday, October 31, 2010

Corn Maze and Pumpkin Carving

I am posting a week behind. Last weekend Kevin and Mom came to visit. It was a beautiful weekend, so we decided to do some fall activities. We carved pumpkins and went to the corn maze in Mayfield. Caleb did not like to feel of pumpkin guts on his hands.
Cody loved it. The more slimy the better for Cody.

Pumpkin seeds! Let's put them in the ditch and see if they grow next season. We actually have a rogue pumpkin vine in the shrub line in our backyard. It bloomed late, so it is just now producing pumpkins. We have about 10 little green pumpkins the size of softballs or bigger. Not going to be ready for Halloween, but they are still cool for the fall.
Uncle Kevin lead the pumpkin carving class. We had 2 extra children attend. Our neighbors, Sareena and Peyton had to get in on the action as well.
Kev had to display his artistic ability on our cool white pumpkin. Love the ghost, Kev! It turned out awesome.

Cody painting a dracula with a spider hanging from his head.
The boys showing off their artwork.
Cody always loves getting an art lesson from Uncle Kevin. Here they are drawing haunted houses.
We went to an A-Maizing corn maze in Mayfield. It had 3 different levels of difficulty. We tried the expert and intermediate. It was so hard that it had a map to try to assist you through it. We would have been extremely lost if we hadn't had Navigator KK and CP on our side.

Uncle with his 2 favorite nephews.
Cody loved hiding in the corn. Then popping out to try and scare us.
Mom and I just followed along from the rear. Enjoying watching them figure out which way to go.

"I love this boy!"
"Don't eat corn off the ground"
Fun times at the corn maze!


Mom said...

Great fun and adventure. It was a good thing Kevin was leading or we'd probably had to spend the night in the corn with the black widows!

Kev said...

Fun times! Can't wait for the holidays!

The Petitts said...

That looks like fun. I love maize mazes. Ha!