Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Soccer

The boys are literally having a ball playing soccer this fall. They are both getting into it and doing well. I am glad to be able to go to all of the games and practices with my new job. It is a blessing to have more time with my family in the evenings and on the weekends. Here is Cody #9 making a goal. He is quite fast.

Cody's favorite past-time while Caleb plays his game. I call him Scooterboy.

Caleb excited about his team making a goal.

The boys Fall Break has started. Memaw and Peepaw met us in Cadiz today to take the boys back with them for the week. They were so excited about staying with them. I hope they have lots of fun.

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Kev said...

Where are they playing soccer? In someone's backyard? haha I wish I could be there to watch them play!