Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Weekend

We woke up Thanksgiving morning to two little bluebirds perched on the railing outside of our kitchen window. They were soaking up the sunshine on a blustery cold morning. The beautiful little birds hung out there for over 30 minutes. Cody dressed up as a little Indian boy for school. Right down to the turkey feather in his head band. He made this shirt last year for preschool Thanksgiving party, so we were able to recycle this year.
This year we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the Peterson Family at our house. I agreed to cook the turkey and dressing (neither of which I had ever done before). We had our 4, Jim, Lori, and their 3 girls, Dave, Donna, Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Francis, and Uncle Jerry. It was wonderful! My first oven baked turkey turned out perfect- thanks to my Grandmama's turkey recipe passed down by mom. I also used her stuffing recipe, with a twist from a lady at work whose grandma made stuffing balls every Thanksgiving. They turned out delicious! I know my Grandmama was smiling down from heaven on our first attempt at a large family gathering.
1st Thanksgiving at our house was a success.
Lori, Jim, and Granny
Grandpa and Jerry are too busy eating their delicious meal to pause for a picture.
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Francis
The cousins having fun with weaponry on the basement stairwell.

Abbi, Makinna, and Cody.

Look out turkey. Cody has his eye on you. Jim and Ben feeling the pain of a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and relax to a game of football.
Caleb and Abbi battling it out on Lego Batman Wii.
Everyone left before it got dark that evening. Thanksgiving night around 8 or 9 pm Caleb noticed it was snowing outside. Our first snow of the year! Nice size snow flakes fell down, but they didn't amount to much. We still had a little dusting left in the morning. We drove to Henderson to see Mom, Bill, and Kevin Friday morning while all the crazy shoppers were out and about. I usually shop with my brother and we laugh at all the lunatics fighting over gifts and standing in lines for hours. But we usually end up with several bargains ourselves. We weren't really in the mood this year and the ads were not up to par with deals this year.
Cody was excited to see the Pilgrim hat desserts that Shyanne had made for Thanksgiving. Uh, I think you are supposed to eat those, not wear them Cody.
Clint brought Heath and Paige over to play on Saturday.

The cousins had a ball together. What a bunch of rambuntious monkeys!
Look at this precious boy! I could just eat him up, he is so sweet.
Love the holidays with family :)


Mom said...

Great pics and narrative Miranda. I love the holidays with family as well. Glad you were able to come share your weekend with us.

Kev said...

Fun times! Looking forward to our Christmas together.

jimmythegeek said...

It was a great time and great to see everyone again! You guys have a beautiful house that is much bigger than it looks from street level. Our kids didn't make it to Calvert City before they were asleep in the car, and I had a mostly silent drive home as Lori went down too! I'm looking forward to our next visit!!