Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peterson Family Christmas

After playtime in the snow Christmas morning, we headed to Bowling Green. The boys brought a few of their new toys to play with, but as usual Memaw's legos always win over as the favorite for all the kids. We rested up from the excitement of the morning and just had a relaxing evening visiting with Memaw and Peepaw. 

Cody reading the funnies, just like his Daddy used to do.
 The next morning, Donna had a scrumptious brunch for the family. Jim, Lori and the kiddos came in to partake of the festivities. We filled our tummies, then headed downstairs for demolition of the gift wrap.
Ben and Abbi

Cody is very excited about his own Paper Jam.

Cool microscope slides for Mama's old microscope

Makinna got MouseTrap

Yay! 20 Questions

Finally I got Super Scribblenauts!!! No wonder Santa didn't get it!

Caleb is sprouting bunny ears :-)

What did you get Katie?

I think she is happy with her gift

Katie was grandchild of the year for the "Special Gift"
Adding up the money towards his iPod Touch
 The kids were all very pleased with their gifts. Then they decided it was time to bundle up and try out the Peterson Mega Hill. We had all heard stories of the great sledding Ben, Jim, Dave, and Donna experienced in the past on the super slope out back. The grandkids all wanted to try it out for themselves to see if it lived up to their expectations. It sure did!

Caleb trying out the hill

Katie looks like a little snow bunny

Cody, Ben, and Abbi ready for action

Abbi says hang on tight Makinna

Daddy coming back for another ride

Ben and Mama had a terrific slide and crash landing into each other

Brotherly love

Memaw got into the sledding action

Having fun with the grandkids

When we got home our snowman was doing yoga
We had a lot of fun sledding and playing with the cousins. Thanks for all the gifts and yummy treats

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas

My Snowbuddy!
After we opened Christmas presents, we couldn't resist hitting our slope for some Christmas sledding. The snow was perfect for sledding and throwing snowballs. It was gorgeous!
Kevin sledding with iPhone in hand :)

Rosey enjoying the snow, although she disliked the snowballs that attached to her furry paws and hind quarters

Wipe out by Cody

Oh what fun it is to ride...

Caleb wipes out

I love my bubby!

Cody's got a good throw

Climbing back up the hill for another run

Here comes Daddy to kick the sledding up a notch

Mama checking out the action

My Bees!

The snow men

Cherry tomatoe eyes, an acorn nose, & a peg pipe make a perfect snowman 

Yeah, she's a little leafy, she likes to be all natural.

Santa Came!

Christmas morning I was woken at 2:40 AM, by giggling of two excited little boys and shuffling of little feet. Santa doesn't wrap his presents, so the boys see them as soon as they come into the living room. I waited a bit to see if they were going to come get us, as they usually do, but they didn't. I realized Caleb probably knew what time it was and was afraid to wake us so early. I tiptoed downstairs and Cody peeped up at me and giggled "Oops! Did you hear me laughing." Then they showed us all of Santa's gifts. They were bubbling over with excitement. We told them it was okay to play with the Santa gifts for a few minutes, but we were going to go back to bed in a little while and we will open the rest of the presents later. They were fine with that and stayed up for about an hour, before finally settling down about 4 AM.

Notice the time behind Mr. Slinky

Daddy had to check out the Paper Jam, even though we still had heavy sleepers in the wee morning hours.

Santa brought more Wii games!
We probably got another inch of snow through the night. Adding up to almost 4 inches. It was a beautiful Winter Wonderland outside. The trees and ground were covered. Little animal tracks ran across the yard, but besides that it was totally undisturbed. This is definitely the first White Christmas in a long time.

Daddy's famous 'Buttons and Bowknots'
 Daddy made homemade doughnuts in the shape of Christmas trees, Santas, presents, and candy canes. He always makes a special yummy breakfast Christmas morning. Caleb stumbled back down around 7:30 AM, and smiled on the stairs saying, "Buttons and Bowknots"! Smelling one of his favorite breakfast treats. 

"You're going to shoot your eye out!"
Caleb was told several years ago that he couldn't have a bb gun or go hunting until he was 8 years old. This past hunting season, he went hunting with daddy for the first time. And for Christmas he got his first bb gun. He was so excited.

Showing off art supplies from Uncle Kevin

I finally get my own robe.

Create Lizards Kit from Papaw and Mamaw Howard 

Papaw and Mamaw Howard sent Caleb the monster nerf gun that he has been wanting

Bear Kevin is ready for anything

Not the evil clown head!

Motorcycle parts for Daddy

Mama got a lounging raft for our pool from Dad and Lori

Kevin gave me beautiful pictures of my Howard grandparents (June and Burrell)
It was nice to have Bill and Mom here Christmas morning. They had never seen the boys in their bubbly Christmas morning excitement. Now that the presents are opened, the boys were ready to hit the snow!