Friday, December 17, 2010

Caleb Moves up to Advanced TKD Class

Caleb graduated to the upper level TKD class "Karate Kidz", this past weekend. He is now a green belt and will proceed upward from here to black belt. We are so proud of his progress in Tae Kwon Do. Cody is so excited for him that after much pondering and wavering over the past year, he is now ready to jump in and begin TKD himself. Cody began this week as a beginner in Future Kidz.

Cody says, "Me Chinese, me play joke."

Caleb taking down the black belt.
Don't mess with the master!


Way to go Green Belt!


jimmythegeek said...

Way to go, Caleb! You will be the next Chuck Norris for sure. I remember the "Me Chinese" joke from grade school, but I think Cody has it personified perfectly in that photo! What a laugh! TKD will probably be a great thing for Cody as well!

Grandma said...

Congrats Caleb! Grandma is proud of you.
I.m glad Cody wants to do TKD as well. What an awesome tag team you will be.