Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cookie Tradition

My mom always made homemade cookies and candy for Christmas. As far back as I can remember, my brother and I were always in the kitchen helping her bake and decorate cookies at Christmas time. I began the same Christmas tradition with my boys several years ago. Usually my mom makes gingerbread boys and the boys love to help her decorate them. I never had a gingerbread cookie cutter. I always made Christmas trees, Santas, reindeer, angels, stars, etc. But Cody insisted that I get a gingerbread man this year, so we could make our own gingerbread cookies. Grandmom mailed Cody a new gingerbread cookie cutter early in December, so we could put him to use.
Gingerbread cyclops and bomb mishaps.  That's what you get with boys :)

Oh no, don't eat my head!
Our neighbor brought us over some non-decorated sugar cookies before we had a chance to bake our own. She even provided icing for a fun Christmas project for the boys.

Yum! Icing is Caleb's favorite.
The boys think it isn't Christmas without helping Mama stir the dough and decorate the cookies. It is always so much fun and they get so creative. 


Kev said...

Your kids sure know how to pose. It's like it's ingrained in them from the Howard tradition of camera posing. haha fun times!

Mom said...

I love it that you are continuing the family traditions that my mom handed down to me, and from me to you. Glad the boys enjoyed making their gingerbread boys.