Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Caleb and Kevin building a lego alligator.
Uncle Kevin always spends Christmas with us and this year he was able to come 3 days before Christmas. I am so lucky to now be off as well, with my new teaching job at the community college. So I was also off with the boys for Christmas break. Grandmom and Papaw Ford also came for Christmas Eve. They usually stay in Henderson but since we already had our family Christmas and dinner last weekend, they thought it would be nice to come visit us.

Christmas Eve night we let the boys open a present early. They opened gifts that they got each other.

Cody was so excited about his diving gloves for the swimming pool.

They also opened gifts from Aunt Sandy & Uncle Jim.
Around 4pm, snow began to fall. The big flakes quickly began to accumulate. We ended up with almost 3 inches that night. Grandmom and Papaw decided they better not risk driving and they spent the night too. Before going to bed, the boys sprinkled Reindeer Food (oats and glitter) on the lawn and set out a plate of cookies for Santa.
 They tiptoed out in the snow in their PJ's and looked so cute carefully sprinkling the Reindeer food as it snowed down on them. They were so excited they didn't even complain about the cold.
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave a luster of midday to objects below...
"The children were nested all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads"


Kev said...

Much fun! Had yet another festive time with you guys!

Mom said...

Loved being with you all on Christmas Eve. Such fun.
Love you guys!

jimmythegeek said...

In the first pic, I can almost hear the sarcastic "Oh, what fun," running through Kevin's head!