Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ford Family Christmas

This past weekend Lorna hosted Ford Family Christmas at her house.

Caleb, Paige, Heath, and Cody had fun playing legos together.
We had lots of great food and plenty of desserts.
Heath is getting so big, it is hard to believe that he will already be turning 2 in January!

Shy with her precious little chihuahua, Munchkin.
Caleb was excited to get some more Harry Potter books from Aunt Lorna and Grandmom. Aunt Lorna and Uncle Steve loaded him up with several chapter books. He has already started reading a new series. Caleb also got a cool animal origami art kit from Uncle Clint and Aunt Michelle and a new Lego 3 in 1 Creator that you can build an alligator, shark, and t-rex from the same kit.
Cody got a cool animal book series from Grandmom, as well as Lego Creationary (both of which we have spent lots of time playing and reading). He got Moon Dough from Aunt Lorna and Uncle Steve. He has loved making pizzas with it. That is some cool feeling stuff and it comes off the carpet much easier than regular playdough! Cody got Rock Painting from Uncle Clint and Aunt Michelle. He has already painted his rocks and shared with the neighbor girl. Then he and Sareena went down to the creek and collected more rocks to paint as well. I think we have a new art medium.
Since Mom didn't have a nice picture of her parent's wedding day, I enlarged one for her. I also enlarged some cool younger pictures of Marshall and Betty from their honeymoon. Kevin made a beautiful picture book of old pictures from Mom's childhood, her parents, siblings, and the old farmhouse. We didn't even coordinate, but were thinking on the same wavelength for Christmas this year. I'm sure it still feels odd to not go up to Louisville to see her dad during the holidays. I know I miss it. I remember so many wonderful Christmas's with Grandmama and Grandaddy.
Cody painting his rocks.
What do you have there Caleb? A lego banana?
Cody puts the final touches on Caleb's T-Rex.
Thanks for a fantastic Christmas...Ford Family! It was fun and delicious!!!

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Mom said...

Great synopsis Miranda. We all had a wonderful time. Glad the boys are enjoying their gifts. Thanks again for my beautiful pictures of Mom & Dad.