Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmastime with the Fords

The Ford family came to our house this year for Christmas Eve dinner. We usually alternate between Mom & Bill's, Clint & Michelle's, Lorna & Steve's, and before Julie moved we would go to her house for dinner. At Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to host the dinner this year. It was so much fun to have everyone here. The kiddos could all play in the basement and be as rowdy as they wanted.  

Shyanne made a festive peppermint bowl that Paige & Cody found tasty.

Sweet boy!

Heath was excited about his dinosaurs

Silly boy

This little tin can guy turned out really cute

Clint and Michelle


Love Clint's reaction to the CSI kit

Caleb's abstract art

Cody's koi pond for Grandma

Papaw was happy to get his port

Shyanne and Caleb working hard to build the tin can robot
It was so nice to spend Christmas Eve with my family here in Benton. The boys had so much fun with Paige and Heath. Shy, thanks for spending time with Caleb. He was building something else tonight and said he needed cousin Shy to come over to help. Cody of course loved the attention too. Love you guys!

Merry Christmas

Caleb created this at school
Visit with Santa at the park
Uncle Kev made Grinch Eye cookies
Making yummy mint cookie/brownies

Kevin not too excited to have the pitiful Jas in his lap
Kevin came to spend Christmas week with us. We love to have him with us for the holidays. Spending time with the nephews and creating fun, festive activities for them. He is so creative. Uncle Kevin had a scavenger hunt every night. The boys had to solve a puzzle or figure out the holiday riddle leading to each different Christmas item, till they came to the prize. The boys loved it!
New ornaments

Christmas morning-Santa came!

Cody is now reading some chapter books and loves comic style, like this Star Wars series

Rockin' new headphones

19 year old Jasmine, checking out the Christmas action

Rosey excited about her new chew toy

Silly uncle, the neck pillow goes the other way

Angry Birds!

Kev's new sleeping bag for cold weather camping

Now he needs some tools for his toolbox

The boys woke up at 5am and were so excited that Santa came. They actually took their time opening presents and savoring each present. They even stopped to put together a small lego set. I think unwrapping took a couple of hours because they would play in between. It was fun to watch their excitement. Glad they didn't rip through everything quickly because it made the morning last longer. Ben made a delicious egg casserole, then the big kids opened their presents while the boys played. After lunch, we packed up and headed for more festivities.

Christmastime with the Peterson's

We went to Bowling Green on Christmas day to celebrate with the Peterson family. We got a few family pics. Look how much all the kiddos have grown this past year.

Cody's acrylic sunflower painting

Ben excited about his game

Katie, the ghost hunter.
 Caleb was up for the "Big Present" of the year from Memaw and Pepaw. His two older cousins got laptops the past couple of years. They did a good job of tricking him this year. First he opened a box of clothes, then the big box was a laptop box, with another wrapped box inside it. Inside he found his iPad 2. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw!
Caleb excited about his iPad

Makinna sweetly opening her presents

Crazy Cody

Abbi, the Penguin Girl

The cousins were pretty wound up after opening presents, so the adults all stayed upstairs and let them burn off some energy. They had fun playing, then we all ate some yummy soup and sandwiches, then it was playtime for the rest of the afternoon. Great visit! But as Lori said, I am looking forward to some downtime this week. The past few weeks have been so busy with holiday parties and get togethers. I love Christmas and visiting with family, but now I am ready to relax and do nothing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks Be Given to my Family

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and pre-weekend. We spent lots of family time. The weekend before Turkey Day, we went to Bowling Green to see the Peterson fam. Donna and Dave prepared a scrumptious feast and we had a terrific time with our family. We visited with Granny, Grandpa, Greg, Jim, Lori, cousin Ben, Katie, Makinna, and Abbi. They even invited Kevin over for the meal. We also went to visit Great-Papaw Howard for awhile. He told us some great stories, while the boys did flips through his living room for entertainment.
The boys had so much fun with their cousins
Grand-dog came to visit as well

Legos are always a favorite
Great Papaw with his boys

We went to Mom's for Thanksgiving weekend to have Thanksgiving with the Ford Family.
Kev preparing us a pre-Thanksgiving pizza (wearing his old Pizza Hut apron!)
Ferocious Warriors
Uncle Kev showing the boys his favorite spots in the woods behind Mom's house
Kevin took the boys behind the house to explore the woods and creek. Showing them fun stuff that he did as a boy. Although we live in the country, my kids are city boys. Caleb is perfectly happy to sit indoors vegging out in front of his game system, the tv, or a book. Being outside is not his thing. He enjoys it once we make him go out, but he is back inside as soon as he can. Now Cody loves it outside, the dirtier the better but he is totally a "follower" and will not play outside by himself. That is so different from Kevin and I. We used to spend the whole day out in the woods or in the creek, exploring, playing, finding things, using our imaginations. My boys have no clue how to go outside, explore, and have fun in the woods without direction. Kev had to go with them and guide thier fun. 

Cody is always the helper
We also chose this weekend to begin the guest bathroom remodel for Mom and Bill for Christmas. We chose a beautiful silvery blue for the bathroom. Installed new light fixtures, cabinet knobs, faucet, towel racks, and shower rod. It looks fantastic already!
Cody helping with the K&K rolls
Bathroom remodel finished product

Kevin and I also did some Black Friday shopping. We mainly go to people watch and perhaps come across a few bargains. We do NOT go out early and stand in line for the big ticket items or wait for hours in long lines. I have to say it was the easiest Black Friday shopping year. The main stores opened 10pm-midnight for all the big ticket crazy shoppers. That got rid of the huge crowds and long lines for those of us that just want to check out the stores. It was a good weekend. Yummy food and family time is always a welcoming for this time of year.