Monday, January 17, 2011

Christy Turns Fabulously 40!!

Christy turned 4-0 last weekend. Yes, you heard me correctly...FORTY! Of course we had to show her our love at work =) 
This is Christy's office door.
Here are the Over the Hill goodies we collected for her. Note the inflatable potty chair at her desk.
Looking Fabulous at 40!
Her co-workers took her out to lunch.
Hmm...a little birdy must have told them it was your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Christy! I hope I look as Fabulous when I turn 40 in ten years ;-)
Love You Girl!!!


The Hadfields said...

I love it! Paula told me what you guys did to "decorate" at work for her birthday! FUN!

The Petitts said...

10 years, my hiney!! Thanks for everything. I know I am commenting late, but our computer has been down for weeks.