Monday, January 17, 2011

Cody's Last Basketball Game

Cody played basketball for the first time. It was a basic Kindergarten 3 on 3 team. Ben was the Assistant Coach for his team. I think Ben will hold out several seasons before trying that again. They were much too young to pay attention or understand the concepts of basketball. It was pretty much one kid dribbles down the court and tries to make a goal, then a kid on the next team gets a turn at dribbling down the court to try for a goal. Lots of walking with the ball, tripping with the ball, scrambling for the ball when it missed, etc. But Cody had fun and got to try it out. Here is a video of clips from his last game. Cody is wearing a white t-shirt and orange shorts.

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Mom said...

Too funny. At least they had fun!