Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Diego Business and Pleasure

Having the summer off, certainly has its advantages. In July, I travelled with Ben to San Diego. He had a conference, so his trip was business. His conference was at the convention center downtown, so we stayed at the Marriott on the bay. It was a gorgeous hotel with a fabulous view of San Diego Bay. We were right across from the Gaslamp District downtown, so I explored the area's shopping and eats. Here is our view of the marina at the bay.

I visited the San Diego Zoo. Didn't even get to see the whole thing because it was so huge. Here is one of the many koalas that they have on loan from all over the world.

The Panda exhibit was under construction, but we still got to watch the male Panda. They have 3 Pandas, but the female and youngster born in 2009 were taking a break from the paparazzi that day. Here is Gao Gao trying to reach some bamboo.

My cousin, Jason, who lives in San Diego, picked me up for a local tour of the area. We headed to La Jolla for some snorkeling in the chilly Pacific.

Didn't see alot of fish, but there were seals that took refuge on the rocks in the cove along the cliffs. The scenery was beautiful and I had a fabulous time visiting with Jason. He took me to a cool Mexican restaurant, that was scrumptious and I got a taste of California as we drove around.
Ben got to visit Midway Aircraft Carrier one afternoon. Across the bay, North Island Naval Complex is where naval ships dock for a little r&r, before they are sent off on their next mission.

Love you, cuz! Thanks for taking the day off to hang with me and you are right...you are a pathetic tour guide ;-)  I had more fun, just being spontaneous though! Memaw and Peepaw/Jim and Lori~thanks so much for having the boys. They had so much fun with you and their cousins. You guys are great!!

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Jim Peterson said...

No problem! We enjoyed having them, and I know they had a great time because they slept like rocks at the end of the day.