Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anyone for S'mores?

This weekend we met Mom and Bill at Canal Campground on Kentucky Lake. Kevin met us there and tent camped with us in a nice wooded site. Mom and Bill stayed in their camper around the corner right on the lake. Friday night was perfect weather and we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire. The boys love playing on the sandy beach and skipping rocks. We brought their bikes, so they had fun riding between our sites. When it got dark, we made S'mores and toasted marshmallows. Yummy!
Saturday morning we woke to a little drizzly rain, but we have a very good leakproof tent and we had a canopy up over our picnic table.
 Ben made us eggs and bacon on his camper grill and I made the best biscuits over the fire in our camping oven. After we got our bellies full, we headed to Land Between the Lakes. It turned into a gorgeous day, so we decided to take advantage of it. We went to the Nature Center and toured the wildlife area out back. The boys loved the owls, bald eagle, coyotes, wolves, and especially the bobcat. It just happened to be "free weekend" at LBL. So we also went through the Elk and Bison Prarie. Unfortunately they were hiding, so we only saw the back of one bison in a far field. When we got back, mom, Kevin, the boys, and I hiked over to the opposite side of the campsite to the boat dock and pier. The boys rode their bikes and kept calling us slow pokes.
Saturday night was another gorgeous night for a campfire. The boys played football and soccer on the beach with Ben.
 We had burgers, steaks, baked potatoes, and green beans for dinner, then of course the boys wanted more S'mores for dessert.

Late Saturday night we had light showers off and on. But we were toasty warm and dry in our tents and slept like babies with the sound of rain.

Ben gave Caleb his first pocket knife. Caleb widdled sticks the whole weekend.

We need some more firewood, Kev!


More Widdling

Crazy Uncle with the Silly Boys

We awoke Sunday morning to heavier rainfall and when we got a pause in the weather, we quickly packed everything up before rain started again. It was a terrific weekend with the family! Can't wait to go again!

September Activities

We went to Family Day at the park a couple of weekends ago. The boys got to ride horses, there was a petting zoo, and bouncy houses. They also got free cotton candy and slushies. Yum!

                                                            At Ben's conference in Cincinatti last week he got to go to a Reds and Cubs game. Ben a die hard Cubs fan was harassed by the Reds mascot during the game. Pretty funny! The mascot stole his Cubs hat and wiped his butt and armpits with it!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gorgeous Weather for a Hike

The beginning of Labor Day weekend was extremely hot (upper 90's) and humid, then a cold front came through and today was low 70's. It felt like a crisp fall day. The boys wore blue jeans for the first time since spring. We decided it was a perfect day to go for a hike at the lake. We headed to Land Between the Lakes and hiked around Hematite Lake. 
Hiking with Uncle

Checking out the huge lily pads
The boys have to keep Uncle Kev in line

They love their Uncle Kevin

Crazy boys!

My little tree hugger

So glad Kevin was still visiting, so he could come with us before he headed home.
Save Mama before she falls off the cliff!
Who is that peeping from behind the tree?
A doe munching on grass on our way out
They have had a long weekend!

7 Years Old

Cody turned 7 years old this weekend. It is so hard to believe that my little buddy is growing up so fast. We had his birthday party here at the house. Uncle Kevin came to spend the long weekend with us. Memaw and Peepaw came for Cody's special day and brought Katie, Makinna, and Abbi. The Petitts, Atnips, and Gottmans all came to join in on the festivities. He had a blast playing with his buddies and cousins all afternoon. They barely took a break to eat cake and open presents. It was a fun afternoon hanging out with friends and family.

iPod Shuffle, what he wanted most of all. Those boys love music
Cody loves books, especially ones with CD's to listen to at bedtime

Kevin gave him Scrabble. He wanted the one that spins.

Game time!