Monday, September 5, 2011

7 Years Old

Cody turned 7 years old this weekend. It is so hard to believe that my little buddy is growing up so fast. We had his birthday party here at the house. Uncle Kevin came to spend the long weekend with us. Memaw and Peepaw came for Cody's special day and brought Katie, Makinna, and Abbi. The Petitts, Atnips, and Gottmans all came to join in on the festivities. He had a blast playing with his buddies and cousins all afternoon. They barely took a break to eat cake and open presents. It was a fun afternoon hanging out with friends and family.

iPod Shuffle, what he wanted most of all. Those boys love music
Cody loves books, especially ones with CD's to listen to at bedtime

Kevin gave him Scrabble. He wanted the one that spins.

Game time!

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The Petitts said...

Happy birthday Cody! The adults had fun too