Monday, September 5, 2011

Gorgeous Weather for a Hike

The beginning of Labor Day weekend was extremely hot (upper 90's) and humid, then a cold front came through and today was low 70's. It felt like a crisp fall day. The boys wore blue jeans for the first time since spring. We decided it was a perfect day to go for a hike at the lake. We headed to Land Between the Lakes and hiked around Hematite Lake. 
Hiking with Uncle

Checking out the huge lily pads
The boys have to keep Uncle Kev in line

They love their Uncle Kevin

Crazy boys!

My little tree hugger

So glad Kevin was still visiting, so he could come with us before he headed home.
Save Mama before she falls off the cliff!
Who is that peeping from behind the tree?
A doe munching on grass on our way out
They have had a long weekend!


Kev said...

Such a fun afternoon and weekend! Love you guys!

The Petitts said...

I love the pic where they are peeking out behind the tree!