Sunday, October 2, 2011

Class Reunion and Family Time

This weekend we went to Henderson for my 20 year class reunion. Hard to believe that it has been that long! Yep, class of 1991. The reunion dinner was not until Saturday night. So Saturday afternoon, the boys and I spent time with Mom and Kev. We decided to take the boys to a corn maze. We found one across town. Cate's Farm had a pumpkin patch and corn maze. We soon found out that the maze was a very challenging one. 
We got turned around and decided the map was not helping us at all. We had a good time anyways and got a bit "corny".

Pumpkin bean bag toss
Cody loved the sandbox full of corn. Talk about corn in every crevice!

They also had a hayride past the huge pumpkin patch. I have never seen such an enormous pumpkin patch full of several different varieties of pumpkins. The boys had so much fun selecting their pumpkin.

That night we went to my reunion. I met up with Wendi and Natalie, my best buds from highschool. Saw several classmates that I had not seen since graduation from highschool or since my years at WKU. Caught up on lives, children, work experience, etc.  It was nice to see everyone, but there were many that didn't come, that I had hoped to see. It is amazing how much things can change over 20 years, also amazing how many people haven't changed a single bit, nuff said. 


Kev said...

Ooh end it on a sassy note. I liked that! Haha. Had so much fun! Miss you guys already. :(

Mom said...

Great fun. Had a wonderful weekend with you guys. Love you!

Miranda Peterson said...

Check the post again. I added a couple more pictures that I hadn't uploaded last night. Love the one of Cody in the corn.