Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmastime with the Peterson's

We went to Bowling Green on Christmas day to celebrate with the Peterson family. We got a few family pics. Look how much all the kiddos have grown this past year.

Cody's acrylic sunflower painting

Ben excited about his game

Katie, the ghost hunter.
 Caleb was up for the "Big Present" of the year from Memaw and Pepaw. His two older cousins got laptops the past couple of years. They did a good job of tricking him this year. First he opened a box of clothes, then the big box was a laptop box, with another wrapped box inside it. Inside he found his iPad 2. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw!
Caleb excited about his iPad

Makinna sweetly opening her presents

Crazy Cody

Abbi, the Penguin Girl

The cousins were pretty wound up after opening presents, so the adults all stayed upstairs and let them burn off some energy. They had fun playing, then we all ate some yummy soup and sandwiches, then it was playtime for the rest of the afternoon. Great visit! But as Lori said, I am looking forward to some downtime this week. The past few weeks have been so busy with holiday parties and get togethers. I love Christmas and visiting with family, but now I am ready to relax and do nothing.

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Uncle Jim said...

I don't know why Lori was talking about down time this week. We're hosting a New Year's Eve party this weekend!!

It was great seeing y'all again - we had a great time!!