Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Caleb created this at school
Visit with Santa at the park
Uncle Kev made Grinch Eye cookies
Making yummy mint cookie/brownies

Kevin not too excited to have the pitiful Jas in his lap
Kevin came to spend Christmas week with us. We love to have him with us for the holidays. Spending time with the nephews and creating fun, festive activities for them. He is so creative. Uncle Kevin had a scavenger hunt every night. The boys had to solve a puzzle or figure out the holiday riddle leading to each different Christmas item, till they came to the prize. The boys loved it!
New ornaments

Christmas morning-Santa came!

Cody is now reading some chapter books and loves comic style, like this Star Wars series

Rockin' new headphones

19 year old Jasmine, checking out the Christmas action

Rosey excited about her new chew toy

Silly uncle, the neck pillow goes the other way

Angry Birds!

Kev's new sleeping bag for cold weather camping

Now he needs some tools for his toolbox

The boys woke up at 5am and were so excited that Santa came. They actually took their time opening presents and savoring each present. They even stopped to put together a small lego set. I think unwrapping took a couple of hours because they would play in between. It was fun to watch their excitement. Glad they didn't rip through everything quickly because it made the morning last longer. Ben made a delicious egg casserole, then the big kids opened their presents while the boys played. After lunch, we packed up and headed for more festivities.


Kev said...

Love the pics except the ones of me looking super fat. Thanks for including me in your guys Christmas. Love you guys!

The Petitts said...

Looks like lots of Christmas fun with Kevin--how does he think of such fun things to do? Glad you got a picture of Lazarus--I mean Jasmine.