Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks Be Given to my Family

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and pre-weekend. We spent lots of family time. The weekend before Turkey Day, we went to Bowling Green to see the Peterson fam. Donna and Dave prepared a scrumptious feast and we had a terrific time with our family. We visited with Granny, Grandpa, Greg, Jim, Lori, cousin Ben, Katie, Makinna, and Abbi. They even invited Kevin over for the meal. We also went to visit Great-Papaw Howard for awhile. He told us some great stories, while the boys did flips through his living room for entertainment.
The boys had so much fun with their cousins
Grand-dog came to visit as well

Legos are always a favorite
Great Papaw with his boys

We went to Mom's for Thanksgiving weekend to have Thanksgiving with the Ford Family.
Kev preparing us a pre-Thanksgiving pizza (wearing his old Pizza Hut apron!)
Ferocious Warriors
Uncle Kev showing the boys his favorite spots in the woods behind Mom's house
Kevin took the boys behind the house to explore the woods and creek. Showing them fun stuff that he did as a boy. Although we live in the country, my kids are city boys. Caleb is perfectly happy to sit indoors vegging out in front of his game system, the tv, or a book. Being outside is not his thing. He enjoys it once we make him go out, but he is back inside as soon as he can. Now Cody loves it outside, the dirtier the better but he is totally a "follower" and will not play outside by himself. That is so different from Kevin and I. We used to spend the whole day out in the woods or in the creek, exploring, playing, finding things, using our imaginations. My boys have no clue how to go outside, explore, and have fun in the woods without direction. Kev had to go with them and guide thier fun. 

Cody is always the helper
We also chose this weekend to begin the guest bathroom remodel for Mom and Bill for Christmas. We chose a beautiful silvery blue for the bathroom. Installed new light fixtures, cabinet knobs, faucet, towel racks, and shower rod. It looks fantastic already!
Cody helping with the K&K rolls
Bathroom remodel finished product

Kevin and I also did some Black Friday shopping. We mainly go to people watch and perhaps come across a few bargains. We do NOT go out early and stand in line for the big ticket items or wait for hours in long lines. I have to say it was the easiest Black Friday shopping year. The main stores opened 10pm-midnight for all the big ticket crazy shoppers. That got rid of the huge crowds and long lines for those of us that just want to check out the stores. It was a good weekend. Yummy food and family time is always a welcoming for this time of year.


Jimmy the Geek said...

I went Black Friday shopping once, and that was enough for me. I haven't been since! Glad to see you guys when you came down.

That bathroom remodel looks great!

Can't wait to see y'all again. Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post. Had a great time with you all at Thanksgiving. Love the bathroom remodel! Thanks for all your time and effort in this project. Looking forward to more family fun this Christmas!
Love you!

Mom said...

oops--I'm anonymous