Monday, March 19, 2012

March 2012

Caleb had several boys over for his birthday. He had a Science Fair project coming up and had decided to do it on heart rate and calories burned for inactive vs active video games. Since he had all his friends and the neighbor girls over, he thought it would be a perfect sampling. We weighed and measured height of everyone, then obtained a resting pulse. They each played 5 minutes of an inactive video game, then rested and played an active video game. He got their pulse from a heart rate monitoring watch and figured calories burned with a calculator online.
 Here is Andrew, Quinn, and Sareena playing Punch Out. Andrew cracks me up, he always hops and jumps around whether it is an active or inactive video game (whether he is playing or just observing).

Andrew, Joseph, Quinn, and Caleb

Quinn and Joseph duking it out

Adam and Cody battling for the gold (Notice Andrew in the background...hello Mr. Buck)
Pizza time!

 Happy 10th Birthday sweet boy!!! You continue to amaze us everyday with your wit and humor.
Make a wish!
After another child experiment with some basement moonshine...kidding!
 Caleb has always been amazed by illusionist and magic tricks. He loves to watch illusionist on TV and try to figure out their tricks. He has received magic kits over the years and loves to try tricks out on us. He especially loves when Papaw Howard comes and shows him card tricks. He will have Papaw show him over and over, until he can figure it out or asks Papaw to show him. So when Christy and I saw that an illusionist was coming to Paducah, we bought tickets for the mommies and boys to go see the show. Since it was Caleb's birthday month, he picked where to go for dinner beforehand. He chose Olive Garden, which did not surprise me...everytime Grandmom or Kevin comes, that is where he wants to go ;-) I think he would turn into a noodle if he could. 
Jason Bishop put on an amazing show. Here he and his assistant are both levitating.
 It was very entertaining and the boys were all amazed. They had such a good time.

Fishing season is here!
Nice size crappie!

Ben, Paul, Caleb, and Andrew went fishing yesterday. They caught 3 bluegill, 15 crappie, and 25 white bass. Can't wait to fry them up!!