Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Eggs, Bunnies, and Fun!

 Easter started with our annual Easter Egg hunt at church. They even got to see the Easter (Atnip) Bunny. We get a bit of an overdose on candy this time of year from church, school, and home. But the boys love it.

Jukto is growing

Grandmama came the weekend before Easter. We went to the park and walked the trails, while the boys rode their bikes. Then they fed geese some bread they brought along. Cody was brave enough to feed them from hand despite our warnings that he could get his fingers nipped off.
 Grandmama brought eggs and the Easter egg dye kit for our traditional Easter Egg dye fun. The boys look so forward to dyeing and decorating Easter Eggs each year. I'm glad they love the tradition as much as Kev and I did.
What came first? The chicken or the egg

Little artist perfecting his striped egg
Caleb getting into making faces on the eggs
Caleb pondering how to decorate them next

Little chic didn't last long

Easter morning
The boys woke at 4am Easter morning to search for their hidden Easter baskets. The bunny sure hid Cody's good this year. Notice Cody is fully dressed in church clothes at 4am. Thankfully for us, they were back snug in their beds by 5am and didn't wake again until 7:30 or 8am.
All dressed up for Easter service

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Mom said...

It's good to continue family traditions. Love you guys!