Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Daddy's monster crappie
Caleb loves to fish
Spring has been a busy time for us. The boys have been fishing a couple of times with Daddy and Paul. They love to go fishing, unfortunately they don't get to fish as much as they want because Daddy's boat is too small. But they love it when they do get the chance.

 We got a new kitten for Valentine's Day. He is the sweetest little kitty. He purrs all the time and loves to cuddle. Unfortunately he has a heart murmur of unknown cause (we aren't paying hundreds of dollars for a kitty echocardiogram). He loves the boys and tolerates Rosie, who pretty much just ignores him. He loves to perch and sleep all day long on a shelf in the laundry room.
Caleb with his video cam shot footage along our hike that would make you seasick watching him bounce along filming his journey
Uncle Kev came up to visit the nephews this past weekend. We went to Land Between the Lakes and took a hiking trail around Honker Lake. It was a long, but beautiful trail through the woods around a pretty lake, which we found out lived up to its name when we came upon an area with small islands out in the lake. The tiny islands had geese honking all over them.

Cody found a little caterpillar that he carried with him for most of the hike before showing him his new home on the opposite side of the lake
Fun times!

I love this one

 Spring has sprung in my yard as well. I love this time of year when the trees start to flower and the yard begins to bloom. Unfortunately my hayfever kicked in and this has been one of my worst years in a long time. I have had to take multiple allergy pills, nasal sprays, and eye drops daily for the past 3 weeks. Sleeping is miserable. But it hasn't stopped me from enjoying my favorite time of year.

Pretty pansies in my deck boxes

Pink dogwood blooming

My iris that I transplanted last year from another part of the yard
My rose bushes look fabulous this spring
I have yellow, pink, red, and salmon colored roses that are stunning 

The boys just had Spring Break last week and they enjoyed a week with Memaw and Peepaw. They hiked around Lost River Cave, played mini golf, rented movies, and had lots of fun. They missed seeing their cousins this visit because the girls were sick. We appreciated the grandparents keeping them while we worked. We did get to enjoy a night out with the Petitts, who were childless as well.


Kev said...

Always have fun with you guys! We'll have to go camping soon!

Mom said...

Spring flowers blooming and fun times outdoors with the boys ... doesn't get much better than that!