Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Checking on the Bees

 Cody trying out his new bee suit. Always Momma's little helper-I had to get him a suit because he wants to get in on some action.
 He was amazed at how they would climb onto his glove. 
We needed to check the hive to see if the queen was in the hive and laying eggs. We changed out the sugar water. They had gone through a quart jar in a week. We have to feed them at the beginning because they have no storage of food built up yet. In a month or so, they will probably have enough collected for them to rely on their own foraging and stores. We also needed to move the false-back to the wall of the hive. This was a separator board that was placed in the middle of the hive when we installed the bees to make the hive appear smaller. When you add the bees, they are small in number and are weak if they were attacked by intruder bees. As they start growing, then you can move the board back so they can expand.  As we pulled the topbars out, we saw that they already had comb drawn out on 4 bars. The comb was full of clear sticky liquid (I am sure they are probably stocking up on the sugar water that we are feeding them). We also saw pollen collected and then we pulled out comb that had brood (baby bees!) On that comb, we saw the queen busily moving over the comb. We can spot the queen because she is larger and we bought a marked queen, so she has a white spot painted on her thorax.

White dot south of the middle of the bees is the queen, she is marked with a white spot to identify her easier.

Cody and Daddy checking out the comb and bees. Aren't they cute! Cody was so excited to help check out the hive. I scraped off a bit of comb that the bees had stuck to the bottom of the hive. It had a tiny bit of pollen stored in it. I will let the boys take it to school to show their class.


Kev said...

So cool! Can't wait to see it!

The Petitts said...

Cody looks so awesome! Paul can't wait for the honey!