Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hiking and Mini Golf

 The children from our church's children's group got together for an end of school/ beginning of summer bash. These are some great kiddos. I enjoy every moment with each one. We took them for a hike around Hematite Lake at Land Between the Lakes.
Connor, Cody, Olivia, Eli, Maya, Kendall, Bailey, Maya, Fiona, Caleb
Taking a break from hiking

Fiona, Bailey, Ayden, and Caleb checking out a fallen log

Bunch of wild boys- Mason, Aiden, Cody, and Eli
Cody always posing for the camera

Ran across a beaver dam on our path beside the lake- Cool!

Olivia, Fiona, Maya, Cody, Bailey, and Caleb
Gage, Mason, Aiden, Bailey, Eli, Olivia, Fiona, and Cody

We decided to divide and conquer once we got to Maggie's Jungle Golf. The older kids golfed, while the younger guys went on the Jungle Run- mini petting zoo that you drive thru with a golf cart. Then we swapped activities.

Feeding the very assertive camel

Beautiful peacock

Slushy break- Yummy!
Mini golf with the young guys
Long day of fun!

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