Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mammoth Cave Field Trip

 Caleb and Adam had their 4th grade field trip at Mammoth Cave this year. Christy and I have been looking forward to going all year. Our friend, Kelly (who we used to work with in LDR) has a daughter in 4th grade too and she was also able to get off work to go on the trip. It was a cool Spring day (mid 60's) and we started off with a short hike, then picnic lunch.
Best buds!
Caleb, Sarah, and Adam goofing off 
Having fun with my kid

 We went on the Historic Tour. We missed Uncle Kev's trivia and historical tips as we went on the tour, but it was still great. All of the 4th graders were really well behaved and asked some great questions. It was a great day!
They had so much fun in the cave

Everyone's favorite cave point

Headed out 

Issac, Case, Caleb, Jarrett, and Adam


Kev said...

Looked like a good trip! I miss that place.

Mom said...

What a cool field trip! Looks like you all had fun.