Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week of Halloween Festivities

Cody drew this face and helped Daddy carve
Caleb painted his own creation
Caleb as Albert Einstein for his 5th grade wax museum project
Annual Halloween Party at the Petitt's
Caleb is a video game character- Creeper
Zombie Cody

Sporty Baumers
Loving Duck Dynasty Willy and Tanning Mom, Andrew was Harry Potter and Adam the Grim Reaper
Trunk or Treats and door to door Trick or Treating=lots of candy
The Petitt and Peterson boys ready for their annual candy dash- We love Halloween!
Caleb became a celebrity for teens and kids that knew of the Minecraft character "Creeper" 

Is it a robot or a box?
Hot chocolate and hot dogs! Hit the spot.
We did good!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hwangs Martial Arts US Open

Tournament time! The boys did great and had so much fun.
Practicing before the big event

Caleb waiting for the decision after board breaking

1st place for board breaking

Instructor Jason, proud of his student

Adam at his first tournament, preparing to break boards

Adam got 1st place in board breaking and forms! He did so awesome!

Waiting for his turn

Grandmaster Jung Hwang behind Cody

Yay! Good job on forms, Cody

Caleb 1st place in sparring

Wow! Look at those trophies and medals. Proud of you!

Caleb got 1st place in all three categories: Board breaking, Forms, and Sparring
Cody got 2nd place in Board breaking and 3rd place in Forms
Adam got 1st place in Board breaking and Forms

October Fun!

Other odds and ends from this past month...
BBQ Festival-hot fudge cake...Yum!

Special visitor at the BBQ Festival

Bees doing well after a very hard summer. The drought hit them hard. They decreased a bit in number by the middle of the summer and ate up most of their supply of honey and pollen by the end of the summer. I had to feed them sugar water every week to help them out. So needless to say, we didn't harvest any honey this year. What they built up this fall, we need to leave for them to survive the winter. 

Poor thirsty girl, hot summer.
 Caleb shot his first deer this fall! Very proud. He got this doe with a crossbow after only sitting in the stand for 15 minutes. Hope he doesn't think it will always be that easy.
Did not slow her down a bit, found her at the top of her kitty tower 4 days later!

Po Peg-leg Kitty
 You know our luck with our pets. Yuki broke her leg a few weeks ago. She got startled and crashed into the wall with Rosey chasing/prancing on her. We still don't know exactly how it happened and I saw the whole thing. Bizarre!
2 weeks later, cast #2 after she pulled the first one off. This one lasted  a week before she pulled it off too! They let Hoodini keep it off and we are just keeping an eye on her.

Halloween Treats! Twisted Twigs (Twizzlers), Night Crawlers (gummy worms), Bat Guano (Junior Mints), Zombie Teeth (Candy Corns), and Bed Bugs (Pumpkin corns)

Ferne Clyffe Camping

I set up camp while waiting for them to arrive
 Fall Break we went camping with Kev. The boys spent the first of the week having a great time with Memaw and Pepaw. They got to see their cousins too. Kevin picked them up and met me at Ferne Clyffe State Park in Illinois. It was a gorgeous park with rocks, cliffs, creek beds, waterfalls (they were dried up from the drought unfortunately), and cool trails.
Had the campfire ready for weenies and smores when the boys got there
 We woke up the next morning ready to go for a hike and explore the trails.

Off we go!

Ever the cool, dude

My little poser

Ok, take the picture....

Little cave critters

We found a cool tree with a hole going straight through it. Had a bit of fun.

Which way shall we go?

So many cool rock formations

Checking it out

Kev and his buddies

Peek a Boo!

 Beautiful lake with an easy hike around it. Lots of cypress trees and beautiful fall colors.

Cypress knees looked like a fairy village

So sweet

Jam time! Found them in the parking lot, dancing like fools. Love it!