Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ferne Clyffe Camping

I set up camp while waiting for them to arrive
 Fall Break we went camping with Kev. The boys spent the first of the week having a great time with Memaw and Pepaw. They got to see their cousins too. Kevin picked them up and met me at Ferne Clyffe State Park in Illinois. It was a gorgeous park with rocks, cliffs, creek beds, waterfalls (they were dried up from the drought unfortunately), and cool trails.
Had the campfire ready for weenies and smores when the boys got there
 We woke up the next morning ready to go for a hike and explore the trails.

Off we go!

Ever the cool, dude

My little poser

Ok, take the picture....

Little cave critters

We found a cool tree with a hole going straight through it. Had a bit of fun.

Which way shall we go?

So many cool rock formations

Checking it out

Kev and his buddies

Peek a Boo!

 Beautiful lake with an easy hike around it. Lots of cypress trees and beautiful fall colors.

Cypress knees looked like a fairy village

So sweet

Jam time! Found them in the parking lot, dancing like fools. Love it! 

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Mom said...

Love these camping & hiking photos! So glad you all got to do this before the weather changed.
Wish I could have been there!
Love you!