Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas has been a busy time. We began the Advent season with our annual Advent Workshop at church. The kids go from room to room making all sorts of Christmas crafts, then they get to decorate cookies and have hot chocolate. Santa came by to check on the kiddos.                                            We were fortunate to visit our family during the holidays. The weekend after Christmas we shared Christmas with the Peterson family. The boys had a fun time playing with their girl cousins and playing games with cousin Ben. We had a fantastic dinner on Saturday and the kiddos couldn't wait to open presents.

Our Christmas tree took a beating this year from our new rambunctious kitties. Thank goodness our tree is very large and heavy duty because the kitties romped and climbed in it everyday. I ended up taking off all breakable ornaments after the first week. It was quite entertaining to say the least and once I removed the breakable ornaments, it was just like a kitty jungle gym.

Uncle Kev came down before Christmas to join in the holiday festivities. We made Christmas cookies and candy and played games. The boys woke up at a decent time on Christmas morning.

It was a Minecraft kind of Christmas. (video game that the boys are crazy about)

Surprised by iphone 5

Yay! Car floor mats from our Alma Mater

The weekend before Christmas we spent time with the Ford family. Lorna hosted the festivities at her abode and her, Steve, and Shy had a huge spread of delicious food. The kiddos watched movies while waiting to tear into the gifts.

We had a very Merry Christmas and loved visiting with our family. Looking forward to another great year!